Line drawing of a smiling woman with long dark hair. She is leaping for joy, and is surrounded by love hearts beaming out from her.

We are excited to announce that our sister company, Choosing Change, has launched its ADHD-affirming and neuro-affirming counselling service today. We will be offering video or telephone counselling to adults Australia-wide from our home base in Melbourne.

It can be very reassuring to know that your counsellor ‘gets it’ regarding neurodivergence. There’s a shared experience, both of what it can be like to have an ADHD/neurodivergent brain and nervous system, but also of how invalidating the medical system and some health professionals can be about your “deficits”. No-one should be treated like they are a problem that needs to be fixed. ADHD-affirming support takes our equality, dignity and rights as a given.

ADHD-affirming counselling can help if you are needing support on issues directly related to your ADHD/autism, or if you’re dealing with general life or relationships issues, and would prefer to be supported by a counsellor who understands the additional dimension that our neurodivergence brings to so many aspects of our lives.

You may be seeking support for issues relating to your ADHD/autism, adjusting to a recent diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a loved one. Or you may be seeking support as you navigate a life transition, try to get unstuck from old patterns of living or relationships, or heal from a difficult or abusive history. We also welcome parents who are seeking counselling support in relation to their neurodivergent parenting journey, or breaking intergenerational cycles of abuse or unhealthy parenting.

Right now our counselling service is offered by Sarah Stokely, the founder of Choosing Change. She is a PACFA Certified Counsellor, with training in both Psychology and Counselling. She has expertise in trauma healing, and has worked with adults and children across a range of settings including family services, youth services and family violence. She’s also a late-diagnosed ADHDer herself. You can read more about Sarah Stokely and her journey to founding Choosing Change on the About page.

Bookings are now open for Telehealth counselling appointments with Sarah. Bookings are limited through August, but you can view appointment availability and book online on the Choosing Change practice page on Halaxy.